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About Spanish Word-a-Day

This site was created by Chris Kober, a native and passionate Spanish speaker. After graduating from the University of Oxford he moved back to Spain. His love for the country and its culture is unparalleled and now he is giving everyone in the world the chance to take part in this fun Spanish adventure!


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So, why learn Spanish with Spanish Word-a-Day?

Spanish Word-a-Day sends out seven emails a week so that each time you check your emails you also learn some Spanish language! The Spanish Word of the Day service includes the following:

- Learn Spanish with the Spanish word of the day
- Audio example of how to pronounce the word
- An example sentence showing how the word is used
- Sinónimos
- A nice picture taken in Spain
- Occasional jokes, riddles and other things out of a Spanish life!
- Occasional grammatical insights
- Book reviews of Spanish language books (in English)

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It is intended to be a Spanish contribution to everyone's life. You can start to learn Spanish free of charge and later make use of the extra cool features of the PLUS Club to take your Spanish to a higher level. Have fun with the Spanish word of the day via email!


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If you want to learn specific Spanish just for your trip to a Spanish speaking country, I can recommend taking a look at the pages. This will help you make your travel experience just that little bit better. All the best with your Spanish efforts. I hope my pages will help you!

Start your day with a bit of Spanish culture and learn (or keep up) the Spanish language. Receive the Spanish word of the day, five times a week via email!

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