Spanish for Beginners

My collection of 'Beginners Spanish'

Learning Spanish for the first time is certainly exciting, but it also puts you into a situation where you ask yourself: Where shall I start? :-)

That's why I have created this collection of beginner Spanish. This page will give you a head start with useful Spanish words and phrases that you can immediately implement.

Let's start!

Introducing yourself

Hola, me llamo Chris.   -   Hi, my name is Chris.

¡Buenos días!   -   Hello!
¡Buenas tardes!   -   Good afternoon!
¡Buenas noches!   -   Good evening!

Encantado.   -   Nice to meet you.

Saying Good-bye

¡Adiós!   -   Good-bye!
¡Hasta luego!   -   See you later!
¡Hasta pronto!   -  See you soon!
¡Hasta la vista!   -   See you!

What's your name?

¿Como te llamas?   -   What's your name?

Me llamo Chris.   -   My name is Chris.

How are you?

¿Cómo estás?   -   How are you?

¿Qué tal?   -    How's it going?

Spanish for Beginners is great!

With this small yet useful collection of basic phrases of Spanish for beginners, you will immediately feel confident in starting a conversation with a native Spanish speaker. Remember to practice the sentences out loud and ensure that you keep expanding your vocabulary with Spanish Word-a-Day.

I hope this will help you learn Spanish online and is a good source for you to learn Spanish for free!

Have fun!  Saludos,  Chris