My collection of 'Intermediate Spanish'

Spanish for Intermediates

Once you have made your first steps with learning Spanish, you will be eager to proceed to the intermediate level. At the intermediate level you go beyond just introducing yourself, saying that you are doing fine and asking what the other persons name is. You will want to continue the conversation about a specific topic, like for example the weather.

That's why I have created this collection of intermediate Spanish. This page will show you some really useful Spanish words and phrases that you can use if you have already learned the basics.

Let's start!

The Weather

¿Cuál es el pronóstico del tiempo?   -   What is the weather forecast?

Hace un tiempo maravilloso.   -   The weather is wonderful.
Lo odio cuando llueve.   -   I hate it when it rains.
Se está poniendo más frío.   -   It is getting colder.

El sol está brillando.   -   The sun is shining.

Getting around

¿Donde está el hotel?   -   Where is the Hotel?
¿Como llego a ... ?  -   How do I get to ... ?
¿Puedo ir en Autobus?   -  Can I go by bus?
Gire a la izquierda,
y entonces gire a la derecha.   -   Turn left, then turn right.


Me gusta la comida española.   -   I like Spanish food.

¿Me puede dar el menú?   -   Can I have the menu?

Vamos a pedir una pizza!   -   Let's order a Pizza!


Me encanta viajar   -   I love travelling.

¿Has estado en España?   -    Have you been to Spain?

Mañana volamos a España.   -    We are flying to Spain tomorrow.

¡Vamos a hacer turismo!   -    Let's go sight seeing!

Intermediate Spanish is most popular and useful

With this small yet useful collection of basic phrases of Spanish for intermediate Spanish learners, you will be able to take your conversation to the next level.  Remember to practice the sentences out loud and ensure that you keep expanding your vocabulary with Spanish Word-a-Day!

I hope this will help you learn Spanish online and is a good source for you to learn Spanish for free!

Have fun!  Saludos,  Chris