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About the Spanish Conversation Classes

We all learn Spanish for the fun of being able to eventually have a conversation with others in that language. The conversation classes help you do just that. And they are perfectly targeted to suit your level. Every week you will get a Spanish class in which you can practice the words and phrases of the week. You will be able to perfect your pronunciation in a short and enjoyable conversation with your personal Spanish tutor.

If you are anxious about starting to speak Spanish, then this will be exactly right for you. You can schedule the class at any time that suits you best. You can sit down in a quiet room and speak Spanish over the Internet without anyone interrupting. Your Spanish teacher will help you take the first steps and correct your pronunciation until you get it right.

           Lessons take 1 hour

           100% customizable for you

           scheduled for the times that suit you best

           individual lessons (no expensive packages required)

           FREE trial comes with no commitment

           each lesson after the trial will cost only USD 20

If you are interested in taking lessons regularly, then you can sign up for one of the FREE TRIAL Spanish Conversation Classes. Just sign up above and I will help you set everything up.

Most people actually find that 1-hour Spanish conversation classes are perfect, but they enjoy it so much that they very quickly go for more than one class per week. This means that part of the classes are then to revise the weeks program and the rest is spent on teaching you more Spanish. As such, you will begin to speak fluent Spanish in a few weeks!

Most importantly, the conversation classes are personal and can be adjusted to your unique requirements. For example, if you need to learn more Spanish for your job, then your teacher will make sure to include that. Our primary goal is to get you speaking Spanish as fast as possible and to make it a fun experience.

Learning Spanish can be a very daunting task, even if you have learned a foreign language before. Even learning basic words can be a difficult task without help. Add to that the many words that have female and male versions. It can get very confusing very fast, and if you don’t have a Spanish conversation class in a structured way, it can become a complete nightmare.

Why are Spanish Conversation Classes a good idea?

A language can only be learned if you hear AND speak it regularly. You will soon find, that your weekly conversation lesson helps you more than that textbook you bought years ago. Here are my top 3 point of why having Spanish conversations online is a good idea:

1. It gets you speaking. This is the most powerful method to start remembering words and phrases.

2. It forces you to keep at it. If you agree even to as little as one lesson per week, you can be sure that you will be making progress with your Spanish every week.

3. Do it from home, at the time that suits you best. You won't need to be shy in the classroom, you don't have to travel anywhere. You simply sit down in the comfort of your own home and learn, speak and understand Spanish!