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Learn more with our Spanish eBooks!

Want to boost your Spanish with a FUN ebook? Learning with you computer, or your e-reader, is one of the best ways to improve your Spanish. The benefit of eBooks is that you do not have to be online to learn and you can take them with you to where ever you want. Learn more with these eBooks in Spanish! Select one of the items below:


Spanish for Beginners (with AUDIO!) - only $9.99


The "Spanish for Beginners" eBook is easy and fun to read. You can work through the short chapters and do as many of them a day as you want. Highly recommended if you are just starting to learn Spanish.


Digital Audio Flash Cards - only $14.99


Learn Spanish with the set of three Flash Cards: 1. Home Food & Cooking 2. Spanish in the news 3. Survival Spanish. Whether you are learning Spanish for at home, or for when you go traveling, these flash cards will teach you the vocabulary you need, how to use it and how to pronounce it!


Collection of 200+ Jokes, Riddles and Sayings, all translated! - only $6.99


Learn Spanish the FUN way! Laugh away at the jokes and learn some real Spanish sayings and their English equivalent. Have you tried to solve that riddle yet? This is one of the coolest Spanish eBooks, it is fun and effective as you will remember much more Spanish than learning from a text book!


Spanish Word-a-Day Photo Album - only $4.99


Browse thru the beautiful pictures from Chris from Spain and learn a word with each picture! This visual learning method has proven to be very effective. The Photo Album is also packed with occasional jokes and cultural insights. Have fun!


StreetWise Spanish by Peter Christian  -  only $19.97


Ex-'Gringo' Reveals How To Speak Spanish With An Authentic, Vibrant Flair So You Enjoy A Fabulous Buzz Over And Over Again As Native Spanish Speakers Admire, Respect  And Compliment You For The Realism And Excellence Of Your Spoken Spanish...