Spanish Vocabulary Trainer

How to learn more vocabulary with Spanish Word-a-Day


One of the core features of Spanish Word-a-Day is that it teaches you essential Spanish vocabulary. You learn a word every day and together with this word, a phrase that you can use with the word of the day. Every week there is a vocab quizz that you can use to monitor your progress.

Here is an example of one of these tests from the Spanish Vocabulary Trainer:


Example Vocab test "Supermercado"


It takes no more than 2 minutes and is a great and fun way to test what you have learned this week!


This is normally a PLUS Club feature, but I wanted you to test it today. If you like it, then I invite you to join the PLUS Club!

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It is only $5 per month and you will see how your Spanish improves over time!

Have fun!


If you are looking to learn some basic Spanish, then you should check out this page with common Spanish phrases.